کارت شبکه GSM/GPRS لوگو زیمنس

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دسته بندی : ماژول شبکه
توضیحات مشخصات کد کالا
کارت شبکه GSM/GPRS لوگو زیمنس LOGO! CMR2020 communication Module for connection LOGO! 8 to GSM/GPRS network; 1 RJ45 port for Ind. Ethernet connection to LOGO! 8; 2xDI; 2xDO; Write/read access to LOGO! tags; sending/ receiving of text messages; E-mail sending; position detection GPS; Time synchronization/ forwarding with real time clock; configuration/diagnostics via web interface; Remote Access via OpenVPN/HTTP, DYNDNS; Observe national approval! Manual available as a download ۶GK7142-7BX00-0AX0


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